Land of Horses • Tierra de Caballos

Uruguay, the Land of horses.  «The horse has been the greatest protagonist in the history of our people. Ambassadors of the origins of our peoples. Keeping alive the bond that unites us.» Uruguay was made on horseback and a free horse is part of the country DNA. It is the second country in the world for horses per inhabitants and today horses are a source of work for many Uruguayans. The great climate of the country allows great breeding quality horses and The Criollo (in Spanish), breed has slowly but surely become famous and a major source of income. The word criollo originally referred to human and animals of pure-bred Spanish ancestry that were born in the Americas. In time, the meaning of the word would simply come to refer to native breeds of the Americas. The Criollo is a hardy horse with a brawny and strong body with broad chest and well-sprung ribs. They have sloping strong shoulders with muscular necks, short and strong legs with good bone structure and resistant joints, low-set hocks and sound hard feet. The medium to large size long-muzzled head has a straight or slightly convex profile with wide-set eyes. The Uruguayan Criollo horse, as well as other Latin American countries, descends from the animals brought by the conquerors. Once the Criollo horse gained freedom it reproduced and survived, where the land conditions forged the features that make the breed’s outstanding quality. The Criollo horse has recently been declared a vital part of Uruguay’s cultural heritage, because it is intimately linked to our history. It was a fundamental actor in the periods of the independence battles and the national consolidation. It was an essential factor in the economic, social and cultural development of our country through the daily work of our country men. The Criollo horse is very docile in taming. It is also an excellent breed for riding; its tameness and comfortable riding make it the most appropriate horse for those who are looking for riding for stress release and relaxation. The Criollo makes the best choice when you are looking for a workhorse, rein ability, riding or long breath competitions. One of the main features that distinguish the Criollo horse from any other horse is its rusticity and ability to recover quickly. Rusticity and recovery power become evident in the breed endurance races (la Marcha), where animals must cover 750 km in 15 days, fed exclusively on natural pastures. Iridike Polo Club; specialised in polo holiday and polo training in Sotogrande South of Spain; is also breeding its own horses which are all coming from Uruguay. Our Club owner, himself from Uruguay is breeding our horses with his team of professional. Thanks to this great experience, you can today combine a polo holiday with a horse trial and maybe leave our place with a new polo pony! Iridike Polo Club is today located at the door of Sotogrande, in the South of Spain. This place was built years ago to welcome a polo club, therefore the structure includes all needed equipment. This is the perfect place to learn and improve your polo skills and spend the best polo holiday in the sun! The location is clearly an example of the importance of polo in the region and in Sotogrande. The polo passion is real here and no doubt that you are diving into the polo culture while coming here. Moreover this region of south of Spain has the perfect weather to allow people to come and play all over the year. We are open 365 days a year! On top of the polo facilities the club has the perfect stables opened all year long. This allows us to welcome your horses any time of the year. Main Picture: Sunny Photography 
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