Iridike Polo Club supporting The Rise of Women Polo

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On July, 16th and 17th took place for the 3rd consecutive year, the Andalusian Women Cup or COPA ANDALUCIA FEMENINA. IRIDIKE POLO CLUB has been proudly hosting this Woman’s Cup for few years now, improving its organization and increasing the number of attendees.

A month later, the club which never stops is organising the CAMPEONATO DE ESPANA FEMENINO with 4 women polo teams.

With two women competitions within two months, Iridike knows how to find its pearls and create a lovely atmosphere for an only women competition.

Players from all over the globe were showing their skills on the fields of Iridike Puente de Hierro/ Iron Bridge last month in this low goal and fun competition. Over 2 days the pitches turned “pink” to cheer up all these great ladies. IRIDIKE POLO CLUB keeps doing a great job by supporting Women’s polo and women league. And here we go again, a month later! So please come and watch these coming Friday and Saturday! The ladies are waiting for you at Puente de Hierro/ Iron Bridge for the 2nd WOMEN COMPETITION.

By organizing these tournaments every year, IRIDIKE is proudly participating to women empowerment. This is thanks to these competition opportunities that we can, all together create a new age in the polo industry: The rise of Women Polo.

This goes along with great women support and solidarity! We should all be proud to be playing together, no matter our age or level difference. To grow our community let’s change how we view the power! The power can be feminine.

Women will win together.


Author: AF

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