About Iridike Polo

Our Story

The name Iridike comes from the name of a very dear horse owned by Luciano’s wife, Marina. This beautiful horse is today competing all over Spain in show jumping competition! Together with his wife, Luciano has funded the company and brand Iridike. At first, their small business was dedicated to leather goods manufactured in Uruguay as well as trading business of polo ponies. Later on they decided to fund a polo school where people from any age and any level could learn how to play this beautiful sport.

As the brand needed to be known, Marina and Luciano travelled accross Europe to expose it to the Equestrian World. During these years, they travelled and pqrticipated to all equestrian fairs. They closed this Tour with an exclusive collaboration with Santa Maria Polo Club in Sotogrande, one of the lost famour club in the world.

Luciano then noticed the growing interest for the sport of polo, this is how it all started. He took a turn and decided to create his own club. Iridike Polo was born.

Play polo at Iridike located in the Polo Farm, Las Tres Rosas

Iridike Polo Club is today located at the door of Sotogrande, in the South of Spain. This place was built years ago to welcome a polo club, therefore the structure includes all needed equipments. This is the perfect place to learn and improve your polo skills.

The location is clearly an example of the importance of polo in the region and in Sotogrande. The polo passion is real here and no doubt that you are diving into the polo culture while coming here. Moreover this region of south of Spain has the perfect weather to allow people to come and play all over the year. We are open 365 days a year! On top of the polo facilities the club has the perfect stables opened all year long. This allows us to welcome your horses any time of the year. 

About Luciano Irazabal

From his young age, Luciano has always been passionate about horses. He studies vet at the University of Montevideo and in 1999 had the opportinuty to travel to Europe for work.

In 2000, Luciano traveled to England to train Mark Keegan’s horses who had a polo breeding program. With Mark, Luciano started travel to Irlande to buy more English thoroughbreds that he could bring to Spain and train in the winter.

Luciano then decided to import horses from Uruguay, initially by ship and then by plane to sell and hire them to clients from all over the world, who came to Sotogrande looking for horses to play with.

In 2006 Luciano started his own project with his cousin. They are the founders of PONY DEL SOL, a company which trains and prepares horses from Uruguay to go play in the UK.

In 2007, in Inglesham Polo Club 47 of their horses were auctioned and in 2008 in Fifield Polo Club 30 were sold.

In Sotogrande

After these successful years in the North of Europe, Luciano moved to Sotogrande where he took the head of a polo school.

Today he is the founded and owner of Iridike Polo Club and decided his activities to polo school and polo holidays.


Only at the Tres Rosas